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If you are in Metro Manila and you plan to go for a holiday but your budget is limited, it is worth to consider one of the closest places north from the metropoly where you can have a good time – Pundaquit (Pundakit). From the terminal of Southern Caloocan it will takes you more or less 5 hours to get to Pundaquit.

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Pundaquit - sunset

The beach of Pundaquit lies in a picturesque place. When you look at the sea, you can see Camara Island and Capones Island .

Pundaquit - beach

On the left (south) you can see a cape which closes the beach.

Pundaquit - from the view point

You can climb this cape to have a great view.

Agnain Cove (Agnaem Cove)

if you like mountain trecking, you can go up farther till you will see the next bay – Agnain Cove (Agnaem Cove).

Agnain Cove (Agnaem Cove)

From the land this place is closed by mountains.

Capones Island, Camara Island

From Pundaquit you can take a bangka to Camara Island and Capones Island with the lighthouse. From the beach of Capones Island you can have a great snorkelling.

Anawangin Cove - view point

Another interesting destination close to Pundaquit is Anawangin Cove. You can get there by a bangka, and then climb to the nearest view point. You can snorkel there too.

If you are interesting to take a bangka for farther trip, consider going to Nagsasa Cove or Silanguin Cove.

Informations here pertain to my trip to Pundaquit from 17th December 2010 yr to 1st February 2011 Currency data courtesy coinmill.com